1. I had an idea, Eastenders has to end one day. So I imagined what that would look like. A while ago (and before Coronation Street’s tram crash) I had the idea of a train falling of the viaduct and destroying much of the square. If it was the last episode they’d also have to get some departed characters back to see it in.

  2. The Ten Doctors

    Celebrating 10 years of New Who…. with some old faces.

  3. Orange is the New Blue

    Doctor Who meets OITNB

  4. I’ve always wanted to write these books… but I’ve only got as far as designing the covers.

  5. Did this for a competition - you had to photoshop Clint Dempsey as a superhero. Here he is as The Human Torch from Fantastic 4

  6. This week we lost some acting legends. They may be lost, but their timeless characters live on

  7. The Return of the War Doctor

  8. Tom Baker

  9. Doctor Who: Amnesia

    Doctor John Smith doesn’t remember who he is. All he knows is his name. Just the Doctor.

    Doctor John Smith isn’t like most men.

    Featuring Christopher Eccleston

  10. Doctor Who: Days of Doctors Past

  11. The Damned United Part 2

    Peter Capaldi as David Moyes

  12. As good as David Bailey is, I always see black and white as a challenge…..

  13. Peter Capaldi: Space

  14. I so want this to happen - A biopic based on Jon Pertwee’s autobiography